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Elliott Wilson grew up in Harrisonburg, VA and attended New Mexico State University where he earned a marketing degree and PGA Class A status through the Professional Golf Management program.

He worked around the country after college, but the two has come back to Virginia and established Motiv Golf, a multi-layered coaching experience based at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, VA.
One of Independence’s features is a huge grass range that gives Motiv Golf players the opportunity to hit off grass year-round.
“I feel it is important for coaching to be conducted off natural grass, and for each player to see the ball fly in the air to validate results. Just like you would on a golf course,” Wilson says.
The technology includes V1 Sports (teaching software) and a GC Quad Foresight launch monitor for gathering clubface and ball data. Two hitting bays located beneath a protective mobile canopy by CoverShots has TV monitors that display what the coaches are looking at on their cameras.
“The focus of our coaching is to provide our players the resources they need to achieve their goals. Whether it be swing instruction, mental approach, club fitting, fitness programs, or all of the above. It is our job to help them be the best player they can be,” Wilson says.

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